About Horrothia

Horrothia = χορωδία. 


"A choir or group of singers".

We create modern, unique effects for the professional, touring and studio musician.  Our focus is to create contemporary, durable unique effects designed with carefully chosen complementary parameters, that cover a wide musical spectrum.  Their inspiration stems from a voracious interest in the science of sound, nature, and maths' symmetrical patterns.  Our desire is to keep pushing audio effects forwards, whether that is in the employment of digital recall, waveform generation and synthesis, switching systems, or integration with synthesisers. We strive to fight the stagnation of ‘Just Another Overdrive’.

We believe in design excellence (all pedals are designed in CAD) and take great pride in fit, finish, and execution.  Our effects must be fully realised and ergonomically sound before they are released.  

We choose our components to be close tolerance to allow for consecutive units to be as matched as can be (the days of hauling through a trunk of Fuzz Faces to pick a good one are long gone). 

Every Horrothia unit is lovingly dreamt of, designed, manufactured, tested and dispatched from Falmouth, Cornwall.  We are 10 minutes from the seaside, where much of the dreaming happens.